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Online random Korean name generator tool allows you to randomly generate a list of unlimited unique and different Korean human names.


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Ever since the South Korean boy band broke all records of popularity globally, everyone has been interested in getting a Korean name. But BTS is not the only reason why people are obsessed with Korean names. Korean names just sound cool. So, people around the world are looking to adopt a Korean name as their pen name or nickname

But how to find the perfect Korean name? That’s where we come in. Our random Korean name generator tool allows you to generate unlimited sets of Korean names. The tool is free to use and can generate up to 40 Korean names in a single turn. You can go through these names, and if you don’t like any, just run the tool again. 

If you love to write fiction or draw comics, you would definitely want some of your characters to have Korean names. Korean manga comics are very popular and people absolutely love the Korean comic characters. Regardless of the reason why you want a Korean name or multiple Korean names, we provide you with an unlimited supply so you can select the best one for yourself.

How to Generate Random Korean Names

1. Enter the number in the input field to generate the number of different Korean names.
2. Hit the Generate button.
3. The expected number of different names will appear.
4. Click on names that you want to add to your selected favorites list.
5. Hit the copy button to copy the selected names in your list, and paste the list to use anywhere you want.
6. You can add more to the list by clicking on Generate button and selecting them subsequently.