List Randomizer (Random List Generator)


The list randomizer tool allows you to generate random list items or names.

Enter List Items

About Online Random List Generator Tool

Shuffle anything that is on your list with our advanced List Randomizer. This virtual tool is a subset of another incredible tool we have called Random Picker. The random picker picks a single value, whereas the List Randomizer shuffles, scrambles, and randomizes a list of inserted values or items to formulate a random order. You may call it a randomizer, shuffler, or scrambler; this tool will do your job regardless.


Advanced Artificial Intelligence: This List Randomizer is built with an advanced algorithm to construct a unique, exclusive, and unbiased result. Its high-level artificial intelligence allows it to generate a neutral result in the most arbitrary way possible.
Resourceful Usage: You can use this tool to randomize any form of a list of values ranging from email to number, phone numbers, characters, and any item in the text format. Although this tool currently does not support photos, you can enter the alt-text of an image instead to simulate the process.
Easy to use: This tool is super simple to use. Just put your preferred list of items, values, or names in the box. The list shuffler will rearrange them in the form of a shuffled order. See the user guide for details.

How to Generate Random List:

1 – Select the box titled with the “Enter List Items” prompt
2 – Insert your listed values in the box
3 – Each value must be entered on a new line (blank lines will be ignored)
4 – Hit the “Generate” button in green color below the box
5 – Select the shuffled list in the box
6 – Copy it to your clipboard