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The random group generator tool allows you to randomize the name or list items. You can divide them into a specific number of groups.

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About Online Random Group Generator Tool

Everyone knows how exhausting the process of sorting several entries can be in order to form groups randomly. Be it a list of names, a series of values, or a bucket full of items, our Random Group Generator is here to form the desired number of groups from your provided list. The tool can swiftly shuffle and randomize the entries to generate groups arbitrarily. With this online randomizer tool, you can model an unlimited number of groups from a given list of values.


Advanced Computing Algorithm: This Random List Generator uses an advanced algorithm to split a catalog of entries into the required number of teams or groups. The high-grade artificial intelligence allows it to convey a unique, exclusive, and unbiased result.
Efficient Research Tool: Your sampling for research is going to be completely unbiased with this sophisticated random groups generator being here. You can use this unbiased tool to handpick random samples from the population. Input the values and let it know how many groups you need. It will formulate and let you decide over the ‘control group’ and ‘treatment group’.
Diverse Usage: Apart from population sampling, you can also utilize this tool for various purposes, such as gaming, team making, squad building, and so on. With this arbitrary number generator tool, the option of usage is beyond a limit.

How to Generate Random Groups:

1. Select the box titled with the “Enter Names” prompt
2. Insert your listed values in the box
3. Each value must be entered on a new line (blank lines will be ignored)
4. Insert the number of teams in the “Number of Groups” box.
5. Hit the “Generate” button in green color below the box
6. Copy, note down, print, or export them