Yes or No picker button allows you to make random decisions, press the button to decide randomly.


Not sure what to do? Decide randomly with random Yes or No decision maker tool.

NOTE : This is just for fun, please don’t use this tool to make any major life decisions.

About YES or NO Tool

Life is a colossal computer system where many of our decisions happen to be in a binary structure. We often get dumbfounded by the mind-baffling dilemma over certain trivial issues. To relieve you of that, we bring you this randomized Yes or No decision maker. With just a simple click, you’ll get the most randomized, unbiased, and impartial decision you are looking for. Now you can decide things you are not sure of.


Simple Binary: Our Yes or No binary decision-maker is developed with the most sophisticated algorithm to generate unique and incredibly uncertain probabilities. Its artificial intelligence is so high-tech that the algorithm is not subject to predictable repetition whatsoever, hence, making the result absolutely random.
Alternative to Coin Toss: The days of flipping a coin to determine a bilateral issue has come to an end. Now you can do the flip without having a flipping dime.
Multipurpose Usage: Imagine you have been to a restaurant and discovered yourself into an unending dilemma over choosing from two dishes on the menu. Our tool can save you from mental pressure in moments like that. You can also use this virtual tool in many peripheries including, but not limited to, trivial issues like sports, coin games, fun, and so on. With this arbitrary number generator tool, the option of usage is beyond a limit.

How to Make YES or NO Decision:

1. Have a notice at the box labeled with a “Yes” or “No”
2. Click on the green Decide button below.
3. Random results will appear above in the boxes.